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The Magic of Ten Minutes

| February 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

- by Carol Matthews

When I was a new mother (several decades ago) I had no idea what I was doing, or how to get it done. My time management was out of control. I was exhausted from simply caring for the baby, let alone the house and my husband!

One morning, in the midst of dirty diapers, a messy house, and a baby who slept no more than 30 minutes at one time, I found myself crumpled to the floor in a heap of tears. How was I going to cope?

I decided that the next time the baby fell asleep I would take just 10 minutes and do something to get organized and get the house under control. I promised myself I wouldn’t have to do any more, and then I would sit down and rest until the baby woke up. I set a timer and started.

I was amazed at what I got done in 10 minutes! I cleared the breakfast dishes and put them to soak in the sink. I made our bed. And I got the dirty diapers (cloth at that time!) rinsed and in the washer. All in ten minutes! I was so proud of myself! I didn’t even mind when my precious baby awoke 15 minutes later.

The fact is I was able to make time to accomplish something, and it motivated me to make the same deal with myself later that afternoon. This time I wrote Thank You notes to my wonderful friends who had given me a baby shower – five cards in 10 minutes, then a rest.

As the days went on, and I managed to steal more 10-minute work sessions, I overcame the feelings of helplessness, and eventually got into a routine.

Even now that I have grandchildren I still use my 10-minute work sessions to get myself motivated. It works every time!


About the author: Carol Matthews is a writer and card maker from Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been married  for 40 years, and has three daughters and two granddaughters.


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