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Get Organized: How To Break Mental And Emotional Attachments To Your Clutter

| January 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

A wise Zen master once said: “Be like the wind. Blow over everything without becoming attached to any of it.” Have you become attached to your clutter? When you are tied to your clutter – whether it’s emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or otherwise – decluttering becomes all the more difficult to accomplish. Here are five simple ways to break the “ties that bind” when it comes to clutter and help you release any attachments you have to your “stuff”:

1) Adopt a charity.
Adopting a cause of your choice – one that benefits from your donations and in which you strongly believe – will help you make the right decision when the time comes.

2) Practice gratitude.
Hold the item in both hands, and be thankful for all the good things it has brought into your life. Now, envision giving this item to someone else and the many good things it will bring to this individual, encouraging the chain of thankfulness to continue.

3) Think transformationally.
Hold the item in both hands, and think about how it pollutes the environment around you and/or how it is no longer a good fit for your life. Now, envision giving this item to someone else to whom it brings happiness, comfort, or care. Thus, it is transformed from a negative (piece of clutter) into a positive (treasured or needed possession).

4) Take photos.
When you capture a “special something” in photographs, it often provides you the safety net you need to let go. Placing these pictures into a slideshow on your computer desktop, a scrapbook, or a memory box are effective ways you can cherish its meaning and importance instead of the object itself.

5) Hire a professional organizer.
When looking for organizing help, have you ever thought something like: “my husband would just chuck everything out the door” or “my friend would just get mad at me because I can’t get rid of things as easily as she can”? Unlike many in your inner circle, pro organizers come from a spirit of understanding and offer non-judgmental organizing advice that works. Although it may be cheaper to ask friends and family to help you, decluttering will go more smoothly and quickly with a trained expert. Plus, you are guaranteed a happy result! How can you be more “like the wind” (and less attached to your clutter) today?


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