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November To-Do Checklist

| October 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

November is all about spending time with your family, remembering what you are thankful for, preparing for the holiday afterwards, and of course eating lots of delicious food!

This month’s list will help you remember the small things, like picking up extra leftover containers and doing  some of those small tasks you have been putting off —like getting your car ready for winter.

Write Your Own To-Dos
Grease The “Squeaky Wheel.” Admit it, there are scores of little things around the house that you keep reminding yourself to do, but you haven’t yet made time to follow through. Maybe it’s a squeaky hinge that needs attention, an out-of-reach light bulb to change, or a growing stack of papers in the kitchen. Make a list and see how many you can tackle this month.
Write A Thank You Card
Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to show an attitude of gratitude, but
too often our words of appreciation are muffled amidst a hearty meal or
football game. Take the time this month to write (yes, hand-write) a sincere
thank-you note. Perhaps to an old teacher, neighbor, or coworker you don’t
see anymore.
Plan For Leftovers
The week after Thanksgiving is primarily associated with holiday sales and
eating leftover turkey at every meal. As you prepare for the festive feast,
pick up the ingredients you’ll need to enjoy the leftovers you’re bound to
have. You probably don’t need to pick up lunchmeat that week either.
Option 2: make sure you have disposable food containers available to send
leftovers home with your guests.
Look Through Your Holiday Lights
Make sure you have lights that will work for the holiday season now, before
you decide to decorate your house or tree. Chances are good you have a few
strands that don’t light all the way or only light when they get wiggled just
so. You’d hate to spend the season wiggling a plug just to keep your tree
glowing. Decide which lights will work for the season and which ones should
be set aside for spare bulbs.

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